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Adyashanti Guided Meditation – The Quiet Immensity Within – In this calming guided meditation, Adyashanti points your attention toward the quiet that exists before you go looking for it. As you allow your mind to relax and let your attention rest in this natural quietness, you can come to discover the quiet immensity within you.

Video Excerpted from “Silent Retreat Vol. 72 ~ Meditations”:

Quotes from this Video:

“The quiet of meditation is already present before you seek it, or look for it, or try to enhance it in any way.”

“Feel what it’s like to receive the quiet into you—into your body, into your mind, and into your soul.”

“Let go of any attempt to understand conceptually. Give up any attempt to hold onto anything. Just offer yourself—all of your attention and all of your heart—to the quiet immensity within you.”

“In the deepest and truest sense, meditation is not strictly something that we are doing, it is something we are allowing to happen.”

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