Legend of Sirens – Mythical creature – Greek Mythology No ratings yet.

black figure vessel with double alphabet inscription, showing new letters ΥΧ[Φ]Ψ, and ΥΧΦΨΩ Dedication in Boeotian alphabet. Black-glaze Boeotian kantharos,

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Nyx: The Primordial Goddess Of Night – (Greek Mythology – Explained)

Tradition recounts that a daughter of a certain Agamemnon, king of Aeolian Cyme, married a Phrygian king called Midas.[4] This link may have facilitated the Greeks “borrowing” their alphabet from the Phrygians because the Phrygian letter shapes are closest to the inscriptions from Aeolis

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BLINDFOLD Taste Test Challenge: Diet VS Regular! No ratings yet.

Name Brand VS Off Brand Taste Test! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYUN33N1yH8 Mixed Gross Soda Roulette Challenge! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxeIhKO4QIw What’s up Fail Squad!

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New Healthy Cooking Videos No ratings yet.

Many people have been asking for cooking videos for years. We will be sharing some healthy recipes that we enjoy.

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Guided meditation, deep sleep – long talkdown No ratings yet.

Guided Meditation with ‘Aura’ for Deep Sleep – Fly Through Space with Relaxing Sleep Music No ratings yet. Discover and Learn how to use it to achieve 100% of benefits.

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SOULMATE Manifest While You SLEEP ~ Guided Meditation for Sleep No ratings yet.

his meditation was made to help you manifest your soul mate all while you sleep. You may know specifically what you want in a soulmate, or you may have no idea what you are looking for in a partner, but you do know that you want someone to connect with, love, share your ideas and feelings with, and share your soul with.

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