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Abs, Arms, and Attitude! |

Our Yoga For Weight Loss series continues with this 31-minute warming practice that invites you to focus on the power of thought as you build strength and awareness in the arms and abdominals. In this practice, I invite you to work with the body rather than on the body. With a focus on upper body … Read moreAbs, Arms, and Attitude! |

Yoga For Risk Takers |

Join me for Yoga For Risk Takers, I dare you! This 26 min session is all about expanding and grounding in honor of promoting courage and balance so that we are better prepared to take risks and “go for the gold.” Move some energy and step out of your own way to reset and focus … Read moreYoga For Risk Takers |

Wake Up Yoga

11 Minute Morning Yoga Practice perfect for when you first wake up – or for when you need a little wake-up any time of day! joga with Adriene.

Yoga To Feel Your Best

Hop on the mat for this 22-minute yoga session designed to help you feel good! Stretch your body, tap into conscious breath, and get your endorphins kicking! No perfect scenario or pre-requisite is necessary for this session. Meet yourself wherever you are and embrace it! Looking and feeling our best sometimes requires checking in on … Read moreYoga To Feel Your Best

Yoga for Anxiety – 20 Minute Practice

20 Minute Yoga For Anxiety. Use the tools of yoga to find peace and support from within. This simple practice is hands free and low to the ground. Good for when you are feeling anxiety or seeking more balance in your life. Especially in a time when we are so focused on the body – … Read moreYoga for Anxiety – 20 Minute Practice

HEAL While you SLEEP

This guided healing meditation has been written to encourage full body healing (physical and emotional healing) while listening and continued healing as you sleep. The healing meditation utilises all of your 7 chakras for this physical and emotional healing, through cleansing and balancing those 7 chakras. The 7 chakras represent your centres of spiritual power, … Read moreHEAL While you SLEEP

Prenatal Yoga Flow

A gentle yet effective prenatal yoga sequence that will strengthen and lengthen the entire back and side body, as well as maintain flexibility in the hips and hamstrings. We will work through a series of floor-based poses to build strength and flexibility for the back, glutes & hamstring muscles. This is a fantastic sequence to … Read morePrenatal Yoga Flow

Beautiful 15-Minute Power Yoga

Today on, we have a 15-minute yoga flow you can do anytime, anywhere! We love to do it while we’re traveling or in our living room! Our girlfriend Emily DiDonato, a model, yogi, and health & wellness coach, takes us through the flow. It will calm your mind & tone your entire bod. We … Read moreBeautiful 15-Minute Power Yoga

Revolution – Day 5

Your Day 5 yoga practice magnifies the fact that – you are alive! This yoga session asks you have some fun, get into a groove and cultivate a listening that is in the moment. Don’t decide where it ends. Don’t sell yourself short. Practice getting in tune with your natural rhythm! Move with strength and … Read moreRevolution – Day 5

Yoga für einen gesunden

Heute erwartet euch eine wundervolle Yoga Einheit für den Rücken und die Hüften. Gemeinsam fließen wir durch wohltuende Hüftöffner, mobilisieren den gesamten Rücken und verbinden uns bewusst mit unserer Atmung. Euch erwartet ein Wechselspiel aus mobilisierenden Übungen, Vinyasa-Elementen und tiefen Dehnungen. Viel Spaß! Als Hilfsmittel benötigt ihr eventuell einen Yogaklotz. Ich benutze genau diesen:* … Read moreYoga für einen gesunden

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