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Guided meditation for overthinking and deep sleep – A walk in the snow

Allow for some quiet time for your mind and drift away from overthinking with this guided meditation for deep sleep.
Visualising the scene of a Winter walk in the snow in your mind, use this meditation for balance, also the release of stress, anxiety or tension.
Follow along to the words that you hear in this guided deep sleep hypnosis type story, immersing yourself completely.
To stop overthinking you have to become present, this guided sleep talk down will guide your mind and body through the process of letting go.
With the gentle falling snow, the sound of the winter wind and other nature sounds in this meditation should help to bring relaxation and relief to eventually sleep.
Hi, my name is Christian Thomas, if you like this meditation, it would be fantastic if you could share it, or perhaps leave a comment as to what your experience was of it.
Thankyou for listening, I hope it helps.
The meditation starts at 2:00

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