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GUIDED MEDITATION SLEEP Lucid dreaming for healing

Lucid dream healing body scan guided meditation sleep hypnosis.
Go on a journey of self discovery and healing with this guided meditation hypnosis body scan. Imagining you are outside your own body, kinda astral projection and lucid dreaming, healing yourself with this meditation. With hypnotic suggestions and music that will hypnotize you to sleep through the stages of sleep.
Go through alpha, beta and delta with this guided meditation video, then the work is put in by you in rem sleep.
A quiet space created just for you in this relaxing guided meditation with soothing music and gentle voice.
Fall asleep fast with this guided meditation journey, use for relaxing or for “sleep” at night. With the video that accompanies this guided meditation it should weigh your eyes down ready for sleep.
The video shows a journey through space with planets and stars, systems far away. Helping you get the sleep that you deserve.Relax with this guided meditation for ultra deep sleep to help you drift off. sleep is very important and guided meditation can help if you suffer from insomnia or just can’t sleep.
With the aid of falling asleep you can awake refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead of you.
Everytime I make a guided meditation I try to make it better than the last guided meditation. Trying different things and different ways of changing the guided meditation hypnosis. My aim is to help calm your mind and relax you and help place you in a state of peace. I have had traumas and upset, stress, anxienty, depression and all the negative games that the mind can throw in there to give you a negative block. I have overcome alot and with these guided meditation videos I hope to help you too, these guided meditation videos are spoken with thoughts and feelings that helped me along my journey.
The most important part of life is getting the right balance and the right amount and standard of sleep available. My sleep, “anxiety, depression and all my meditation videos are free and always will be.
These guided meditation videos have alot of thought put into them and I try to improve on every single one, hopefully there is a guided meditation on my youtube channel for someone, obviously not every guided meditation I make will hit a note with everyone that is why I am more than up for changing things in my guided meditation videos with different music and sometimes changing the way I say my words.
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Please watch: “Fall Asleep Fast meditation – Talk me to sleep Guided Hypnosis”


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