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Insane SCIENTIFIC PROOFS Behind Spirituality | The Ranveer Show – Episode 3 – Abhijit Pradhan

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What’s good you guys? Today’s episode features an in-depth conversation regarding the world of quantum physics courtesy of one of the most well-read Indian men alive – Abhijit Pradhan. An expert when it comes to the field of quantum physics and the application of the same in the world of energy healing also known as Reiki. There is a lot of speculation when it comes to the world of spirituality and various aspects of the same related to reiki healing. Abhijit Pradhan, who is also a life coach, discusses how the world of energy healing works through the knowledge of quantum physics. Today with the western world adoption of yoga and the various yogic practices, due to the various scientific studies. Even the eastern world is now adopting the same. This podcast provides some insights on what happens beyond the realm of quantum physics. Further adding on to how it impacts the real world in the form of vibes, reiki, and energy healing.
I also share my recent deep dive into spiritual learnings from my Yogic studies at the YSS or Yogananda Satsang Society of India.

This Indian podcast is hopefully going to spread a lot of knowledge and education amongst the various segments of the society.

ICO – intelligent conversation only. Smart conversations In English courtesy your favorite intellectual podcast – from Monk Entertainment: Monk-E Chat.

Ranveer & Abhijit Pradhan sit together to discuss science and spirituality and scientific spirituality.
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