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Progressive Muscle Relaxation Guided Meditation

Update 12/2015: New Meditations (Sleep Meditation as well) with much better quality audio at… Brand New… please like and share! Happy Meditating!

First attempt at doing this. More to come.
30 minute guided meditation and progressive muscle relaxation exercise.
Feel free to close your eyes and enjoy. Be sure to take care of any distractions that might arise during this time. This time of relaxation is for you and is a gift to yourself.
You can use the techniques in this meditation at any time. Also, be sure to allow your breath to sweep away any tension in body, mind or emotions.

Hope you enjoy!

Best Wishes to you all

DISCLAIMER** I do not own or claim to own the rights to the music in this meditation or the imagery. For educational/ Entertainment purposes only.

Music Info: Total Relaxation – Ambience-Alpha Frequencies – Kelly Howell, A Train Entertainment (Masters)
On behalf of: Brain Sync

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