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What does it mean to ‘open your third eye and your crown chakra?

From my personal life experience, what they call opening of the third eye is a very powerful and personal practice that can no doubt enhance your life for the better if you choose so. We are all equipped with same abilities, perhaps sometimes not physical or mental, but we all have same spiritual abilities to practice our other senses to understand and interact with the surrounding external, internal and the world in between those two worlds.

Combined with meditation, third eye and crown chakra opening visualisation practice will give you a much deeper sense of self, enhance your perceptions of life, existence, purpose, joy and clairvoyance. You do not need any special treatment or tools, all you need is to feel relaxed, remove any feelings of anxiety or desperation. If you are trying to manifest third eye visions from a place of desperation, force and anxiety, then I believe that you should work on calming yourself first, working on your belief systems, grounding of self, enhancing self-love and appreciation and only then proceed with any practices of opening of the third eye. This channel has meditations for you to achieve balance and when you are ready for the next step you can then return to this video.

Big LOVE, Rasa

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