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Bob Proctor – Abundance Meditation

If you’re interested to find more meditation tracks like this , kindly visit Bob Proctor is one of the most sought-after leaders in professional coaching and business seminars, as featured in the popular film The Secret. He has taught thousands of people worldwide on how to shift their consciousness in order to create fulfilling … Read more Bob Proctor – Abundance Meditation

Novocaine Spirituality

“Novocaine Spirituality” is a phrase coined by Teal Swan that describes practices within spirituality that provide temporary relief rather than long term solutions and are therefore more akin to a coping mechanism or painkiller like “novocaine”. The tricky thing about Novocaine Spirituality is that many of the practices provide relief in the short term and … Read more Novocaine Spirituality

The Biggest Barrier to Awareness

The biggest barrier to Awareness is our unwillingness to see and accept a truth that causes us to feel pain or that would imply we need to make a change that is painful to make. Denial is a coping mechanism when dealing with a reality that you cannot change and this is often learned in … Read more The Biggest Barrier to Awareness

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