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20 minutes Mindvalley Meditation

Stress, which is often an inevitable part of many people’s daily lives, is one of the main sources of wear-and-tear on the mind and the body. Get the Omvana meditation app to get even more meditations on your phone👉 Meditation for stress relief is a vital tactic we can utilize on a day to day … Read more 20 minutes Mindvalley Meditation

how I became more spiritual

let’s talk about spirituality.welcome back to Koze Daily Brew SEASON THREE episode TWENTY-THREE ✨ Do you consider yourself to be spiritual? how I became more spiritual ❤ ❤See you tomorrow! Some of my fav spirituality books:The Untethered SoulThe Four AgreementsWherever you go, There You AreThe Power Of NowSacred PowersEat Pray LoveLight is the New BlackYoga: … Read more how I became more spiritual

How Do We Break The Habit Eckhart Tolle explores the powerful addiction to thinking, offering a handful of ways to put a stop to thoughts and choose presence instead.

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