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🕉😀 How to Experience Yourself as Awareness – Nonduality Teacher Rupert Spira

How to experience oneself as awareness? The answer to this question is sought by every spiritual seeker. Nonduality Teacher Rupert Spira explains how we can become more conscious and also how to stay as awareness, how to remain as awareness. He emphasizes the importance of focusing our attention on ‘I am aware,’ because it directs … Read more🕉😀 How to Experience Yourself as Awareness – Nonduality Teacher Rupert Spira

Spirituality vs Religion – The No-Bullshit Guide To Spirituality

Spirituality vs Religion – What spirituality really is, how spirituality differs from religion, and how to practice spirituality empirically. The Ultimate Life Purpose Course – Create Your Dream Career: Leo’s Top 140 Self Help Books

Isha Kriya: A Free Guided Meditation – Sadhguru

Isha Kriya is a simple, free guided meditation designed by Sadhguru. Watch this video for the guided instructions from Sadhguru and experience this powerful spiritual process in the comfort of your own home. #IshaKriya #Meditation Download Sadhguru App 📲 Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend … Read moreIsha Kriya: A Free Guided Meditation – Sadhguru

Ethics and Spiritual Teaching

Discussion of this interview in the BatGap Community Facebook Group: Also see Questioning whether higher consciousness and ethicalbehavior are tightly correlated. The founding of the Association of Professional SpiritualTeachers. The attempt to formulate a code of ethics that might applyuniversally in the contemporary spiritual community and enliven anunderstanding of what may or may … Read moreEthics and Spiritual Teaching

Jim Carrey The Power Of Intention Jim Carrey puts words around the power of intention, and the potential for transformational media. Recorded at the 2009 Inaugural GATE Event (Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) Video was Shot and Produced by Eckhart Tolle TV. Eckhart Tolle TV is an online video network offering of transformational video content featuring Eckhart Tolle & Kim … Read moreJim Carrey The Power Of Intention

“Do I Need a Spiritual Teacher?”

Walk with Mooji Baba In this beautiful and very clarifying Satsang Sri Mooji speaks about the importance of a spiritual teacher and how to recognise if a teacher is right for you. “The mind is very cunning and it is homegrown as well. It seems to know where your weaknesses are—we always tend to back … Read more“Do I Need a Spiritual Teacher?”

Curbi – Spiritual (Mriya)

After kickstarting 2019 with hit tune ‘ADHD’, UK hot shot Curbi now teams up with singer/songwriter Brooke Tomlinson for another massive tune; ‘Spiritual (Mriya)’. Curbi – Spiritual (Mriya) [feat. Brooke Tomlinson] is OUT NOW! Like this track? Download on Beatport or add it to your favourite Spotify/Apple Music playlist by clicking HERE:!YT Make sure … Read moreCurbi – Spiritual (Mriya)

The Biggest Barrier to Awareness

The biggest barrier to Awareness is our unwillingness to see and accept a truth that causes us to feel pain or that would imply we need to make a change that is painful to make. Denial is a coping mechanism when dealing with a reality that you cannot change and this is often learned in … Read moreThe Biggest Barrier to Awareness

7 Signs You’re In The “LIMBO Phase” Of Your Spiritual Awakening

The MOST Important Spiritual Awakening Stage! 🌟 FREE Higher Self – MP3 Guided Meditation: **************** VICTOR’S (COACHING & COURSES) ▶︎ Open Your 3rd Eye (7 Day Course) | ▶︎ How To Connect With Your Higher Self | **************** CONNECT ON SOCIAL ▶︎ NEW – My Podcast | ▶︎ Facebook | @VictorOddo … Read more7 Signs You’re In The “LIMBO Phase” Of Your Spiritual Awakening

OSHO: I Am a Spiritual Playboy

Osho declares himself a spiritual playboy – nothing wrong with that. His whole life effort is to bring Zorba and Buddha closer to remove the dichotomy of the spiritual and the material. His vision is to have the spiritual and the material as one whole – they are. “Existence is one. The body is the … Read moreOSHO: I Am a Spiritual Playboy

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