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My Spiritual Journey.

My website is LIVE! Yay! ✦ ✦ Etsy: Well, this is the longest video I have ever posted. Feel free to clean your room or draw while listening to me talk, thats what I normally do when I watch videos this long hahahaha! I hope you enjoy. Can’t wait to read your experiences … Read moreMy Spiritual Journey.

Let’s Talk About Meditation

I’m not an expert on meditation. But I have learned a few things. If you are interested in meditation but struggle with how to begin or cultivate a consistent practice, here is what I know. I hope you find it helpful. Listen: Rich Roll Podcast – Thanks to Casey Neistat for the creative inspo. … Read moreLet’s Talk About Meditation

spiritual morning routine || kate flowers

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Increase positive energy, calmness and productivity throughout the day with a short morning meditation. You can also use meditation in the evening to unwind, relax, and destress. ☟click to show more☟ This series teaches the basics of mindfulness meditation for beginners. In this episode we practice: finding a comfortable seat, bringing your attention to the … Read moreBEGINNER’S GUIDE TO MEDITATION

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